Highlight the beginning of the work of the outer cantilever deck, Canopy, steel overhang structure with different sections on each axis, creating a free form element.
This outer overhang connects to the outer upper and lower lace of the compression ring with mechanical fastenings; The different geometric shapes of the flat metal lattices create the undulated shape of said element.
Also in the general deck has begun the assembly of the 44-meter radial light footbridges, located between the outer rung of the compression ring and the inner walkway of the traction ring.
In relation to the interior finishes, progress is made in the execution of the different coatings, both vertical and horizontal, in Peineta and in Enlargement.
We work on the execution of the horizontal structure corresponding to the extension of the slab +0.00 and structure of access stairs in the west façade.
With regard to the different facilities, work continues on all levels of Enlargement and Peineta.