We understand that this cooperation at the beginning of the realization of the project facilitates the proper relations among the different actors of the project and increases the chances of ultimate success in all phases. "In many cases projects are incomplete or lacking in definition, technical solutions are scarce at a project level and therefore aimed to be defined in work. Bearing in mind, moreover, that builders tend more to outsourcing, that every time there is less staff specialized, that deadlines are shorter to avoid indirect costs and that casualties are high, especially in public works, the result has a direct impact on the quality of the works." We will take care that the project complies faithfully the instructions and regulations. We advise management on changes that occur during the work and recommend solutions to technical problems, helping to find the less expensive and more suitable.

Our work system covers methodology to carry out the follow-up of the project since its inception, through daily parts, technical execution, leaves control of work and technical checks collected in reports of work whose documents details the incidents and resolutions of running processes. Are different reports depending on the types of service, the needs of customers, the established periodicity, etc...

Our company commitment to the sustainable development of society contributing to their development from the work being done in the sector and contributing your grain of sand for your well-being and persons involved in them. Once obtained in 2007 certificates of quality and environment, currently our procedures are already consolidated. Sample is the extension to other activities of ISO 1004.2004 and ISO 9001.2008 quality seals. We are approved by ENAC 17020 standard. Our audits of processes are continuous and make us to include new methods of improvement

We have an internal system of management annually audited by AENOR and a few procedures developed by our ERP NAVISION tool working to organize, manage, produce and promptly inform our work to our customers.

We have completed major projects within and outside Spain. Nationally our latest work in building focus on buildings for education, health centres, administrative buildings, libraries, in different autonomous communities. We are now in different countries (Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Kazakhstan), educational and health projects in internal development programs.

DCS Management formed by highly qualified professionals. We are a critical aid to the various agents involved in the construction process, being the eyes that are responsible for the quality of the works and their innumerable technical troubleshooting. Different departments feed development areas in which we work every service that we hire. We provide staff for each of the works and for each type of service establishing communication between the service and the client by a coordinator of work. These equipments has for their develpoment the latest technical, informatic, and production tools, continously progressing to improve, and with broad participation of our I+D department.